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Specializing in the manufacturing of custom glass ampoules, single use glass ampoules, ampoule filling, and custom packaging

J. Penner's Design Philosophy

• True No Drip Liquid Dispensing Technology

• Delivers No More than Required

• Hermetically Sealed Liquid

        • Significantly Longer Shelf Life

        • Always Delivers Fresh Solution

        • No Cross Contamination

        • Inert anhydrous gas head

• Environmentally Friendly

        • 80% less VOC Emissions

        • Reduces Waste Stream

        • Impossible spillage

Custom glass ampoules, ampoule filling, custom packaging, and crushable glass ampoules

Glass Ampoule Manufacturing and Ampoule Filling

J. Penner Corporation is the leader in glass ampoule filling. Our innovations in glass ampoule manufacturing allow us to work with volatile substances, medical liquids, air sensitive chemicals as well as primers and adhesives. Glass ampoules provide superior preservation of solution, unlike plastic ampoules, while J. Pennerís consultants and engineers provide innovative and effective applicator designs for your delivery needs.

Custom Ampoule Packaging

Our team works closely with you to determine the most effective and fiscally feasible way to design, develop and deploy a product, be it retail or industrial. Our custom packaging solutions have led to major innovations in the glass ampoule packaging industry. We look forward to continuing these innovations by anticipating marketplace trends and adapting to new technological developments in the glass ampoule industry..

Ampoule Manufacturing

All aspects of design and production of your product are pulled together under one roof in the United States. We pride ourselves with the ability to complete the entire process from design and prototyping, to production and packaging. J. Penner Corporationís glass ampoule manufacturing facilities house skilled employees that are well versed in our state of the art systems and machinery; a combination that yields quality finished goods efficiently and effectively.

Ampoules, glass ampoules, crushable glass ampoules, single use glass ampoules